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It all started with a tragedy...
No, I'm not exaggerating; I really lost a loved one.
Paw was not just a house cat, he was my life partner. 🐱
I found him under the bridge. He was as skinny as a Slumdog teenager and just as dirty. Then we were both alone in a big, strange city (I exchanged my cozy parental house with hot pancakes for breakfast, for a one-room apartment in an industrial area and instant noodles). Looking into the big hungry eyes of the cat, I saw myself.
Since then, we have never been apart. Paw accompanied me to work with loving eyes and greeted me with a gentle purr. He kept me warm on autumn evenings. And in the winter, we occupied the sofa and sat in an ambush in front of Netflix.
We became so close that we became one. I wanted him to be with me always, everywhere.

As if it had read my thoughts, AliExpress showed me an offer to buy its new invention - a backpack for carrying a cat. Being dirt-cheap, sure thing.
β€œIt will no longer be necessary to leave your pet alone at home,” was its slogan.
β€œIt’s just what I need!” I proclaimed.

With the onset of spring, the miraculous backpack, having traveled more in a month than I have in my entire life, reached our industrial area.
For some reason, Paw did not share my enthusiasm for traveling in the backpack. But who asked him!
The day turned out to be sunny, and I had had enough of going for a walk in the park. Having forcibly stuffed my pet into a backpack, I saddled my bike and hit the road.
You shouldn't have counted on the quality of the cheap AliExpress product, you know…
Paw easily tore and went through the backpack. And so, at the next turn, the cheap fabric of the backpack could not hold it, and my cat has gone.
From a sudden lightness behind my back, everything inside me went cold. My beloved, my Paw was crushed by the rush of cars. And I was crushed by grief. πŸ˜₯
I grieved for a very long time; in fact, I still have not recovered from the loss.
And so that no one else's Paw should die from the poor quality of a cat-backpack, I took production into my own hands and launched my own brand#brisktails.

It all started with a tragedy but continued with the work of a lifetime.

- Jane Nichols, BriskTails Founder -

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